Building Smiles

We have an incredible team of Marlee’s Smile Bear Builders led by our Chief Bear Technologist and Marlee’s big sister, Meredith Pack, to help us craft the perfect bears for our special friends!  Our volunteers are led by Cheray McLaughlin who also manages The Green Shoe Crew!  THe COVID era has made it difficult for us to get bears into the arms of immunocompromised children and even harder for us to organize large scale events and gatherings…But rest assured! We are ready to grow Marlee’s Smile volunteer team and look forward to putting YOU to work for kids fighting pediatric cancer!

To request more information about volunteering with Marlee’s Smile or being a part of our Green Shoe Crew, please email info@marleessmile.org

To request a bear for a child with cancer, or a sibling, please email requestabear@marleessmile.org

Marlee's Smile volunteer
Group of volunteers
The green shoe crew volunteers
Marlee's smile volunteers

Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Smile?

We want to put a Marlee’s Smile furry friend in the arms of every child fighting pediatric cancer, as well as their siblings!  Tell us about your special friend!