We Left it all on the Field

Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”


We left it all on the field.  We played every play with the same intensity as the first.  Marlee got the best possible treatment in the world, from Colorado Children’s Hospital to MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.  We lived every moment like there were no more – from Alaska to Hawaii (twice) to New York (twice) to Orlando (forgot how many times), we crammed a long life full of adventure into 12 short years and left it all on the field.


Marlee had scans today.  Shelly and I were not expecting good news and it wasn’t.  Marlee’s disease has progressed significantly to the point that we have decided to discontinue treatment on the advice of her treatment team.  This is a decision I never envisioned myself having to make.  But I believe with all my heart, it is the right decision.  Marlee deserves to not have any more painful treatments; no more chemo, radiation, surgeries, or anything else.  She is done.


There is one drug we are looking into for compassionate use – never been used on children and only trialed on adults.  We most likely will not go down that road.  The side effects are unpredictable and the chances of it helping are unknown.  Her disease is so advanced, there really isn’t anything left to try at this point.  She has, literally, hundreds of tumors in her abdomen and some are large.


Thankfully, we can control her pain with the help of the great team at MD Anderson and Memorial Hermann Pediatric Hospice.  We promised Marlee today that we would not let her be in pain – NO MATTER WHAT!


Many people I have talked with today have questioned God and why he would let this happen to such a perfect soul.  I believe that the answer is in that question. How can a perfect soul stay in this broken world?  With every ounce of my being, I believe Marlee was given to us to make a difference in the lives of all she touched, and she has done just that.  She is a Saint among the broken. 


There is no greater pain than knowing that Marlee will not be with us more than a few months or possibly weeks.  Her journey to Heaven will leave a gaping hole in our earthly hearts that will never be filled until we join her in that great and perfect world.


We ask for prayers for Peace.  Privacy – don’t be offended if a text goes unanswered or a call not returned – we may be out leaving just a little more on the field before the game is over.  Thank you all for being with us on this great journey and please remember Marlee in your prayers.


God is Good

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